John Stempa, Jayson Taylor and band leader, Miranda Hoehn all met at Easton's School of Rock when they were very young (about 12 years old).  As kids are, competition, squabbles, and the ongoing stuggles that make growing up with increadable talent a challenge.  As time progressed, these three young adults brought together a solid friendship that extends into family, friends, Rocking the Valley and beyond.

Their performances are energy packed.  Vocals are fabulous.  And John, while he doesn't sing, brings the guitar home with Jayson in classic style.  You hear Tom Petty Covers, Neil Diamond covers and a whole lot more.  Total audience involvement as Miranda steps off the stage and engages everyone directly.

The staff at Rocking the Valley has been privledged to be part of this groups growth.  We watched them start out as kids and grow into young adults.  Great people, good families.

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