Since January of 2014...


​Rocking the Valley has promoted over 500 acts in the Lehigh Valley, participated in many major events such as Boofest, Lehigh Valley Music Awards, Pennsylvania Music Society events, Lehigh Valley Zoo events plus many many more.  With a staff of volunteers dedicated to the ongoing support of live music in the Lehigh Valley, we look for innovative ways of bringing the area's talent to your homes and into your local venue's.

Rocking the Valley encourages new talent to come to the stage, veteran talent to take leadership roles, and all talent to always put their best foot forward in this budding music market called the Lehigh Valley.


​Owner Steven Jones is a 50 year performing veteran with credits ranging from Accordion Competitions in his youth, Stage performances with choirs, live performances at local restaurants when he was still in his teens, disc jockey, wedding MC, and finally the chief architect of Rocking the Valley.

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