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We collect only the information you provide to us.  We do not redistribute or sell it to anyone.  Any lists of users is considered private and will not be given to anyone except under a court order.


Collecting information is for our users protection because we allow you to post pictures and comments.  No nudity or hand gestures are allowed.  No obscene language (yes, vulgar language, F bombs, and such have no place here).  Post no advertisements for business.  Only paid advertisements are allowed.  All others will be deleted.  No solicitations (this is not a dating app.).  This is a family oriented site.  Violation of these and similar rules will mean instant banning from the app.  


Financials for the sale of tickets - Eventbright and Paypal privacy policies are in full force.


This system is monitored 24/7.  Questionable behavior in chat rooms with photos and posts will be investigated immediately.  All posts are subject to approval and may be deleted without prior notice or explanation.  All content on this app, on the website of Rocking the Valley, on Rocking the Valley Facebook pages and related pages is subject to our sole judgement and may be deleted or modified at anytime.  


People who volunteer or employed by Rocking the Valley are subject to a criminal background and child endangerment check.  AT OUR SOLE DISCRETION, Rocking the Valley can deny participation in our organization because, we work with minors, shows are broadcast from within nightclubs, and our people are considered working in "at risk" situations.  

Rocking the Valley personnel restrict the use of alcohol and recreational substances during their "on duty" time.  We also follow a dress and personal hygiene code.  Off duty, we are loud and obnoxious, like everyone else, blowing off the steam of yet another successful show.

Each Rocking the Valley individual is either trained or previously experienced in the jobs they perform.  We work as a team to bring the general public and the musicians of the Lehigh Valley the best promotional program we can.  We produce upwards of fifty live programs a month.  We welcome any help our fans can offer.

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