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We are the one and only Rocking the Valley in the Lehigh Valley.  We have a staff of people who give their time to promote LIVE music in the Valley.  We accept both original and cover.


This website represents the full world of Rocking the Valley, developed and branded since January of 2014.  It is a work in progress. 

  • On our 24/7 Radio stream, you can hear all of our Lehigh Valley musicians. 

  • Our Video link ties you into our youtube channel, showing the many shows we have stored there. 

  • The Calendar is for our musicians to have their events listed and for our listings as well. 

  • Facebook Main is where we do all of our video broadcast. 

  • Fan page is a multitude of posts, all from the many supporters of Rocking the Valley.


The snapshot

Rocking the Valley is a multi-talent, multi media, fan based volunteer organization that is dedicated to the ongoing promotion of LIVE music in the Lehigh Valley and surrounding areas.

We network with music schools, musicians, venues and event planners to bring into focus the high quality and broad base of talent in the area.  From youngsters learning their first notes on a piano, to twenty piece bands - we aim to carry it all.

In our "Vault", you will find a 17 year old opera singer from Georgia...RUSSIA, a Five year old child prodigy playing Mozart on a Piano, Bagpipes celebrating our rich Celtic heritage, an Interview with the son of Rock and Roll Legend, Bill Haley and more.  


Experience the growth of the many bands that started on Earl Andrews' open mic and grew to our other shows.  Bands such as Blind Choice, ITO, MOJO, Jay T to name a few cut their teeth on one of out shows over the years.

The short story

Rocking the Valley first went online in January of 2014 on Prolifick radio.  It ran for sixteen months as a one hour show with various talk guests and recordings of their music. 


In May of 2015, the show moved to the Jetport, maintaining the talk show format until December of 2015, where we became the first streaming video show in the Valley.  Multiple spin offs of the show increased our overall audience.  Plus several changes of venue to improve stages and to simply change up the show.

Rocking the Valley has won the Outstanding Cable/Internet Broadcast award from the Greater Lehigh Valley Music Awards for 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019.  This category was created in 2016 because our show and other's like it did not have our own category.

To date, Rocking the Valley has had over 600 acts representing most types of music in the Lehigh Valley.  We have also presented magicians, comedians, conversation guests, cooks, and special awareness shows.  The board of the Greater Lehigh Valley Music Association has appeared on the show almost from it's beginning.

Rocking the Valley has ties with many other groups in the valley, outside the musician world, which enable us to attract the greatest audience to our shows.  Currently, we are represented in every community along the Route 22 Corridor, The Slate Belt, Poconoes, and the Coal Region.

We are Rocking the Valley.

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